• Lisa Colegate

The miracle that is Liquid Gold!

Alpha-H Liquid Gold is without doubt one my most recommended skincare products.

I'll start with the packaging ....... its not fussy which I think appeals to both men and women.

I guess what I'm saying is it's not too "Spa pretty" but the contents of this bottle, which is of course the most crucial factor, packs one hell of a punch!

Liquid Gold is perhaps not for the faint hearted; so anyone who'd run a mile at the mention of an 'acid' should steer clear until they've tried something milder. This treatment liquid is for those who want quick results, not in 30 days, but NOW!

Liquid Gold is a highly concentrated resurfacing night treatment. For best results, saturate a dry cotton pad and wipe all over the face (avoiding the delicate eye area and lips), neck and décolletage 3 evenings a week. I personally forego moisturiser as this technique allows the product to penetrate the upper layers of the skin without interruption from a cream.

You do feel an activity on your skin, it tingles but this sensation does calm down after continued use. I love the 'tingle', I feel its letting you know it's getting on with the desired job.

The hard hitting ingredients:

* 5% Glycolic acid - AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) this is derived from sugar cane

* Liquorice extract

What Glycolic acid and Liquorice extract do:

* Lessons the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

* Diminishes pigmentation (I can vouch for that)

* Retextures

* Helps to control congested and acne prone skin

* Plumps skin due to the Glycolic acid's water-binding agents

* Liquorice extract is a natural skin lightening ingredient

In my experience the combination of Glycolic acid and liquorice extract acts as a double whammy on skin conditions.

Note: A high SPF is needed to provide protection against further sun damage and pigmentation. Alpha-H do several very good sun care products, ranging from SPF 30-50.

I hope I've tempted all you Alpha-H Liquid Gold virgins to take the plunge and give it a go!

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