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The hands that do dishes.....

This is my very first experience using a rejuvenating hand mask. I have been tempted by them in the past but then always resisted as I didn't think they'd make much difference. To understand the whole picture, I'll have to describe the condition of my hands and nails. My fingers resemble gnarled twigs, my nails are almost bitten to the quick, my cuticles dried and withered and the back of my hands are transparent and veiny. Not a pretty sight!! Firstly, one of the main contributing factors for this is 23 years of wearing powdered latex gloves and constantly washing my hands with harsh antibacterial detergents between each patient (the curse of a dental nurse!). Secondly, I'm a bit partial or perhaps obsessed with cleaning; either way I don't think it's done my neglected hands any favours. Finally, I seem to be the designated 'poop picker-upper' (4 animals) in the family. The constant hand washing and the above issues have played havoc with the general appearance of my hands. I needed to take drastic action! Either by following in the footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld's infamous finger-less gloves trend OR to take some time out and treat my hands with a little more respect. I went for the treatment option. By Nature Collagen and Vitamin E hand mask seemed like a good place to start. It contains no parabens, its infused with shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, wheat proteins and the key ingredient is rosehip oil. The gloves need to be worn for 30 + minutes. I found them easy to apply; just pop them on and then tape across the wrist for a snug fit (tape included). I t was an odd sensation and they looked really quite ridiculous but on the plus side they did give both my husband and son a good laugh. The result was gloriously softer and plumper hands, my skin looked renewed and fresh. I shall definitely be going back to TKMaxx for more. At £3.99 for 2 pairs, I think they are a good bargain. To compliment this mask I used my new Liz Earle rosemary and rock hand repair. What a treat!

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