• Lisa Colegate

A room with a Kew....

Kew Gardens in London is perhaps one of the most phenomenal gardens I have ever had the good fortune to visit. I've been waiting to experience Kew in the Autumn for many years now; with the trees and shrubs in all their vivid, rustic glory! (And boy, I wasn't disappointed!!). It holds so many happy memories for Oscar and I. We've spent many happy hours having mini adventures whilst exploring its vast gardens and conservatories.

Our ultimate favourite spot in Kew has to be The Princess of Wales conservatory. It houses 'wet and dry tropics'. Its a mass display of giant water lilies, towering spikes, dangling roots/plants, orchids, monstrous green glossy leaves and carnivorous plants. Dinosaurs wouldn't look out of place in this lush greenery (well, that's what my son reckons). In the past we have often just sat ourselves down for the afternoon to enjoy the atmosphere.

There are plenty of activities to be had here for both adults and children, especially The Treetop Walkway. It is loved by many; with its spectacular views of the gardens and ability to allow you to walk amongst the very top of the trees. Just breathtaking! The Japanese Garden is visually stunning and tranquil with its gateway and beautiful constructed paths. A true delight!

I am at my most content when walking around national gardens, even more so when accompanied by my family. For me, it's about making a conscious effort to appreciate my surroundings, something that is easily ignored in our hectic lifestyles. Gardens and nature give me a much needed uplifting boost. Hopefully I'll be experiencing many more gardens in the near future.


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