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Kat Burki Rose Hip Revitalising Serum:

I was recently given the opportunity to try this beautiful serum from the Kat Burki skincare range; a brand that I’ve admired for some time now. You can imagine how excited I was receiving this through the post! This serum contains a potent anti-oxidant that offers protection from external aggressors/free radicals and a stable form of vitamin C which brightens, strengthens and repairs past damage.

Just when I thought I couldn’t improve on my current ‘perfect’ skincare regime, this little gem arrives! The bottle itself is aesthetically pleasing; with its classic glass packaging in green and silver. Now, I realise this isn’t the most important aspect of a luxury anti-ageing skincare product but its certainly a good place to start.

This prestigious serum has the most heavenly texture; so light and super absorbent. When warmed between the hands it transforms into a milky, light but intensely hydrating serum, with the ability to deeply nourish my skin without feeling too heavy. A definitive sign of a high quality serum. The Rose Hip serum has a subtle aroma; nothing overtly floral or synthetic. I love nothing more than inhaling the delicate fragrance before application. Two pumps is a sufficient amount for my face, neck and décolletage, so a little goes a long way. I often forego a moisturiser as this unique serum provides enough hydration for my combination skin.

I have exclusively been using this Kat Burki serum for just over a week, now I realise its way too soon to see its full potential but I have noticed a significant difference already; which with continued use can only improve. My pesky fine dehydration lines have been plumped to a point where they are barely visible! I’m confident that this will not over load my skin and give me any unwanted visitors or congestion as its simply not textually heavy enough. My skin has a general brightness and clarity about it, something that I particularly notice in the morning (and I very rarely experience that ‘fresh morning glowey skin’, quite the opposite!). The Rose Hip serum is just the most perfect makeup base for my mineral foundation; its going on like a dream and ‘staying put’. Now thats got to be a bonus!!

I had high expectations for this Revitalising serum and I’m pleased to report it didn’t disappoint. If anything, I’m now hooked! Its going to be a sad day in the Colegate house when I run out, this really is no ordinary serum!! I really can’t think of a more perfect gift………. Hint Hint (hope the husband reads this).

Once again a huge thank you to Kat Burki for giving me this fantastic opportunity.

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