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Cell-f Defence

Viliv Cell Defence Serum was developed in Switzerland by practising dermatologist Dr Felix Bertram. This Serum contains no parabens, mineral oils or colourants. What it does contain is active, skin friendly ingredients which help to fight against environmental aggressors. One of the key ingredients being stem cells from the Argan tree. This has been found to work on cell stimulation and preventing fatigue in said stem cells..........I welcome any help I can get with open arms!

This lightly fragranced gel serum is housed in the most fabulous, elegant, minimalistic packaging.

The bold P lettering stands for protection, which is not only fun but helps to distinguish between each Viliv product (the eye Serum has an E!). I think the light texture and packaging definitely appeal to both men and women.

Now, let's get down to the important factor which is of course the serum itself and the results I've experienced. Firstly, the texture is sublime, so light (no viscosity) and spreads with ease. My combination skin literally drinks it up, leaving it lightly hydrated and most importantly without any sticky residue. Something I also noticed upon application was a light firming action; nothing taught or uncomfortable but firming non the less.; leading to a smooth over all appearance. This sensation is very much welcomed as I'm heading towards my mid 40's and need as much help as I can get! I realise my pore size won't miraculously shrink but the Viliv Cell Defence Serum did help to temporary minimise them.

I'd recommend an SPF or daily moisturiser over the top for maximum hydration and defence against the environment; as you would with any serum. I've not yet reached the end of this product yet but when I do I will be repurchasing :)

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