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Bath Time Ritual

Is there any better way to unwind and pamper yourself than having a luxuriously indulgent bath? For me, nothing else quite compares. That moment when the bath oils, salts or bubbles hit the hot water and fills the house with heavenly aromatic scents; just describing this makes my shoulders relax and breathe deeper.

My love for baths and all the delicious products that accompany a true bath time ritual started at an early age. It was the perfect time to escape the world and allowed for uninterrupted thoughts. These days however I focus on true relaxation and mindfulness, oh and a good old body scrub!

Most recently I've become accustomed to a full body 'dry brushing' routine before hopping into the bath, I'm finding this especially efficient at tackling the dreaded cellulite on troublesome areas like the bottom and thighs. What can I say, I'm a result driven girl! Into the bath I go then out comes the big exfoliating gloves; this is my preferred method of cleansing my body. They really give my skin a vigorous workout and cleansing gels and creams spread much further too.

Onto my desired bath time products: all bath bubbles and body washes need to be free of unfriendly synthetic ingredients and sulfate detergents; for no other reason than I don't want to overly strip my skin. I've found in the past that if I use cheaper super market brands I inevitably need more moisturiser to combat against the dryness . As a whole, body moisturisers tend to be more expensive, so my theory is I'm saving money!

Body oils........ now these are without doubt the ultimate bath time luxury; they have more of an affinity with my skin. Applying a rich, beautifully blended body oil is such a decadent pampering experience. I was previously rather taken by the Liz Earle body oils and still am but they're pricey. My newest discovery comes from a brand called Ellu Pure, their Vitality Body Oil is exquisite and keeps my skin plump, nourished and smelling divine for hours. I know I'll be reviewing this in the weeks to come as it really is something special ❤️

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