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My love for Lavender

New Hall LAVENDER Facial Anti-Ageing Serum has a delicate, refined and sophisticated scent; quite unlike any other lavender product I have ever previously used. This artisan oil is made in small batches which ensures a high quality product is delivered each and every time. The texture is seriously divine - silky and light. It absorbs into the skin beautifully and leaves my skin nourished but without any heavy residue. I had no reluctance in applying this oil to my combination, and sometimes dehydrated skin. Some oils fill me with sheer dread due to their heavy consistency! This however, was a joy to use from day one. My skins texture is refined and any dehydration lines have been quenched and plumped.

The pure and organic lavender in this exquisite formula is grown and harvested on site at New Hall, West Sussex in England. Each July the harvest is hand picked and placed in a copper still. Pure, mineral rich water is then added, this is sourced from the estates well..........just how quintessentially English can this get!!! The ingredients are slowly heated; the steam that is produced eventually results in the beautiful hydrosol and essential oil that are used in the serum, these are extracted and aged for a year; similar to that of a fine wine.

Each and every essential oil added to this serum is organic, has no added artificial preservatives or additives. Only natural preservatives are used as apposed to synthetic; resulting in a safe and effective product.

Lavender is known for its many therapeutic qualities; some of which I have only recently discovered. It is one of the most active essential oils and is a superb and powerful antioxidant that plays a vital role in protecting the skin against oxidation from the environment - this in turn helps combat against skin ageing. It's anti-bacterial properties work their magic on blemish prone skins and helps towards the healing process. Lavender is a skin prebiotic, this helps support the natural function of the skin (something I never knew) and of course helps calm the senses and can alleviate headaches.

This has become a staple in my morning skincare routine and I'd honestly be lost without it. At £58 for 30ml it is a considered purchase but only the very smallest amount is needed so it is very cost effective and the ingredients are second to non. I for one will never now be without this facial oil. For more information visit

They have the most beautiful website that explains each and every unique process in full; definitely worth a visit. Their facial toner is as you'd expect - equally stunning!

I feel it needs a review of its own, so I best get writing!! I haven't as yet tried the daily moisturiser as I tend to prefer using creams in the winter but a review will follow. Happy summer :)

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