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Picture perfect

I've been desperately wanting to write this blog for quite some time but I never really knew how to broach the subject. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety since my late teens……..there I said it!! The world in general is a much kinder and understanding place than 25 years ago. The only people that knew then were my parents and best friend; I was ashamed to confide in anyone else.....crazy hey! I have no control over these inconveniences; I simply roll with it. Perhaps ‘simply’ isn’t the best description but I’ve learnt over the years that acceptance is key.

I was compelled to explain the above as social media on the whole seems to portray the perfect life; beautiful people (often filtered), locations, home life etc.

I don’t believe in perfection and have yet to meet anyone that doesn’t struggle from time to time; its what makes us appreciate the good times and further pushes us to pursue our dreams.

Stepping out of my comfort zone can be exhausting not only for me but for those around (family not passersbye) but I still push through, I do allow myself failures……….I’m only human; if not a little bonkers at times ;) I think there is enough pressure to succeed without beating yourself up. I recently made a huge achievement……..I no longer need medication to fly and now actually enjoy the experience. I could have easily given up but with a little courage and gentle persuasion from my family I did it! This may sound insignificant to others but for me its a major leap in the right direction. Go me!

Now onto todays uncomfortable experience; I suffered with a particulary frightening panic attack in Morrisons today (of all places) and rushed out for air as I was struggling to breath and swallow. I realise panic episodes will not kill, so I more often than not have a quiet word with myself but it winded me and my planned afternoon had to be scrapped. I feel now is time to voice my uneasiness for sympathy; it makes me a little uncomfortable and embarrassed plus this is who I am BUT I felt my experiences might help someone who suffers with similar issues and wanted to let them know they”re not alone. We”re a strong bunch 💪

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