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Quality over quantity

I was inspired to write a few words after reading a fab post yesterday on ‘Ingredients Matter’. Before my journey into the world of natural skincare I wasn’t aware of how many oils on the market were adulterated. It soon became apparent that it was vital to find an excellent supplier with years experience under their belt and who were willing to answer all my questions. Oh boy, I had plenty of questions 😆. I remember being perplexed at the sediment at the bottom of my Argan oil bottle; had it gone off? The answer was no.

It’s simply the oils insoluble fraction.....tocopherols etc. I posted an article a few months back on an experiment which identifies a pure grade Argan oil (see below). Scent is another indicator of a good cold pressed oil; although this can vary with each crop. There is often a distinctive aroma with each seed oil; raging from very mild (almost odourless), neutral to downright pungent!

There were several oils I had planned to use in my formulation but they were just too fragrant for my nose, so I opted to source different seed oils. I think the thrilling thing about stepping into the world of natural skincare is that with each day I learn something new and exciting. I feel in Britain we have many inspirational artisan brands out there - ready to be discovered ❤️

How to tell your argan oil is pure grade and not fake or adulterated✨

Argan should have a nutty aroma that quickly dissipates when absorbed into the skin, it is a pale golden colour and a sure sign of purity is some sediment at the bottom. A very simple experiment which will identify a pure grade oil is to pop your argan in a fridge for 72 hours, after this period pure grade argan oil should be semi-solid (in photo) an adulterated oil will remain smooth and often has no scent. Imitations are common so it’s imperative to source oils from a good, reliable supplier. This is just a quick insight to the lengths artisan companies must go to obtain the perfect oil ❤️

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