• Lisa Colegate

Exciting Times!!

I’m very happy to announce that due to a higher demand of Lime & Lilac Light face oil, I’m now able to pass any discounts I receive on bulk orders (raw materials), onto my customers. I grant you its not a huge saving but a saving non the less, especially on the 30ml bottles. When a business places a larger order it earns extra discounts and free P&P, this has a huge positive impact on the financial aspect of a business.

Before starting out, my husband and I unequivocally agreed that we had no desire to apply for a business loan, so consequently put money aside to help towards courses, materials, equipment and certification etc. We’ve gradually transitioned from a business where only small quantities could ever be ordered (more costly in the end) due to not knowing what the future held…….to fortunately being able to order accordingly.

Thankfully my hubby & partner in crime is an astute business man and number cruncher (his day job) who often reigns my impulsive ways in and has taught me how to be a little more sensible; now that doesn’t come easy!!!! There have been strained moments where my stubbornness would cloud my judgment but I feel what this journey has demonstrated is that we’re a good team; what with my demands and Garry’s patience.........a match made in heaven ;).

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