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Can We Talk About @limeandlilac Lisa the founder & genius behind the brand, created something wonderful for me, yes me! her amazing Light Face Oil, but, without essential oils. I was over-whelmed with her suggestion to do this after I’d had a diagnosis of Rosacea, and the warning of no fragrance or essential oils (more to some on that at a later date), anyway, the creation was done & I’ve discovered something, aside from having used the original, which is blooming amazing and left my skin glowing in the healthiest of ways. I realised that because there is no scent, you focus on the texture completely, this is silky, it’s the most luxurious oil & I’ve told Lisa previously, her oils have a consistency like no other, this really brings it home with this 100% Natural Face Oil. It pools like liquid gold, the oil holds its form as you blend it, my skin almost fizzes as I massage into my face. The glow, the softness is sublime, it helps me focus away from the lumps and bumps and at the positives, which is a healthy & glowing skin.

Thank you doesn’t feel enough for the kindness and effort Lisa went to with this, I also feel it shows her commitment to the development of her brand and products, she wants to provide answers and products that work for all and she’ll go that extra mile to do it. This is what I love about smaller brands, the care, empathy and bloody brilliance of the people behind them. Lisa, thank you, you are a star.

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