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Guest Post - Petra @late_skin_party

I'm delighted to announce that I recently became a brand ambassador for one of my favourite brands  - Lime & Lilac.

I personally think that the UK truly leads the way with its home-grown independent, small-batch, botanical beauty brands and for me, Lime & Lilac is the jewel in the crown.  Founded by Lisa Colegate, an intelligent, nature-loving, friendly, funny, feisty woman who has the most amazing skin you ever did see. She certainly is a fine advertisement for her own brand - she rarely wears makeup and her natural skin looks like a ray of sunlight is bathing her in an ethereal glow all throughout the year!

Lisa attended horticultural college in the grounds of Peterborough Cathedral and her love of skincare and nature fused to create the Lime & Lilac brand. A self-confessed perfectionist, Lisa often details her formulation processes on Instagram and this kind of transparency is one of the reasons that I have such respect for small Indie skincare brands - being kept in the loop as a consumer.

The Range

Lime & Lilac is currently comprised of a capsule range of the iconic Light Facial Oil, Capri Body Oil and Passionflower Cleansing Oil. Although Lisa has been dropping tantalising hints about future products that are being in the process of being fully imagined. The vein running through this range is the signature Lime & Lilac scent of Neroli (Citrus Aurantium) and Frankincense (Boswellia Carterii). However, the essential oils used are not just to create a pleasant aroma. Neroli offers antimicrobial properties, softens the appearance of fine lines and scars and is also an anti-inflammatory. Frankincense, although suitable for all skin types, is particularly suited for mature skin. It is cytophylactic, so speeds up the process of healthy skin growth and is also gently astringent so is a great for firming and toning the skin.

Light Facial Oil 15ml £32.00/ 30ml £52.00

I've frequently written and posted about my love for the Lime & Lilac Light Facial Oil and I have gone so far as to name it my favourite facial oil of all time (and that's no mean feat as I do own a huge amount of intensely amazing oils!). If you are nervous about introducing a facial oil into your routine, then I would highly recommend the Lime & Lilac Light Facial Oil as an introduction to the fabulous world of facial oils. Packed with high linoleic oils which will not clog the pores and are suitable for all skin types, but if you have oily, blemish prone or sensitive skin, these oils are best suited for you. The Light Facial Oil is a super-lightweight and 'dry' oil which means that it absorbs really well without leaving any oily residue on your skin but deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin at the same time.  This is one of the few facial oils that I can use during my morning skincare routine as it absorbs so well and doesn't make my makeup slide around on my face! But equally, it's rich enough to use in my evening routine and in fact, makes for a fabulous overnight skin-feeding treatment. I first started using this oil in winter when it was an absolute godsend at re-calibrating my skin as it struggled with the change of seasons. You can read my initial review here. But I've now been using the oil year round (it's definitely not one of those seasonal oils that only comes out of the box at a particular time of year) and will shortly update with a follow-up post about how this beautiful oil tends to my skin throughout the changing seasons. Capri Body Oil

100ml £38.00

I absolutely adore the Lime & Lilac signature scent of Neroli and Frankincense and would quite happily wear this as a daily perfume if it existed in such a format. So the Capri Body Oil brings me a three-fold experience to my body care. It smells divine!  It's a full-on sensory experience to use. Not only does it smell beautiful but it feels beautiful on my skin. I like to apply this when my skin is still slightly damp after a shower. It absorbs perfectly into my skin leaving it feeling highly nourished and in great condition. But there's another aspect to this oil that I didn't expect and has been an added bonus to discover. I've noticed in the reasonably short few weeks that I've been using this that scars on my legs have been healing more quickly. My legs have been an absolute wreck this summer. An inordinate amount of nasty insect bites have left them peppered with ugly-looking scabs and angry red scars from those scabs. Added to that, a careless in-shower shaving incident has left me with a huge new vertical scar up the entirety of my right shin! Honestly, it looks like those kind of scars that people are left with after having metal rods inserted to mend broken bones! So despite this summer heat, I've been really loathe to bare my legs, as there are so many dark red scars everywhere. After using the Capri body oil for the past few weeks I've noticed that the scars have accelerated in their healing and fading. Not just the older ones, which I might expect to naturally fade over time, but the newer and most recent ones too! Looking at the ingredients on the Lime & Lilac website, I notice the word 'healing' mentioned several times. The Argan Kernel Oil in the oil is known to regulate, rejuvenate and heal skin ailments (obvs including insect bite scars!) as does the Neroli and Lavender Essential Oils.

Passionflower Cleansing Oil

50ml £18.50

And finally, the product that I have been longing to get my hands on since its release earlier this year - Lime & Lilac's latest introduction to the range - the Passionflower Cleansing Oil. Having already had first hand experience with Lisa's genius oil formulations, I just knew that this was going to be a product that was going to rate very highly indeed. The first cleanse is my most favourite part of my evening skincare routine and I love to use products that not only do the job of removing makeup, SPF and daily grime but that rate highly on the 'Joy Scale' too. And by that I mean that I want them to smell good and give me more of a sensory experience when using. I don't mind when my 'basics' are perfunctory and maybe even soul-less but I need my oil-based products (cleansers, serums, balms and facial oils) to give me that extra bit of pampering indulgence. For me, the difference between an 'ok' oil cleanser and a 'love it' oil cleanser is how it performs on my eyes. I don't have particularly sensitive eyes, but neither do I want an oil cleanser to make my eyes swimmy after use or feel that I'm having to rub hard over a delicate area to remove eye makeup. I was delighted that the Passionflower Cleansing Oil made easy work of removing all eye makeup (including heavy mascara) and didn't affect my eyes adversely in any way. No watering, no blurry aftermath, no sensitivity whatsoever. The Passionflower Cleansing Oil is non-occlusive and emulsifying. In fact, this dual phase cleanser gives all the joy of a great massaging cleansing oil and then when water is added, it emulsifies into an incredibly pleasing silky milk which rinses off easily, leaving my skin clean, soft and not at all dry or tight.

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